About us

As builders in the AI space, we navigate beyond the hype to deliver tangible, production-grade AI solutions. Our commitment extends beyond naive implementations, embracing a robust and deliberate approach that not only keeps pace with rapid advancements but also catalyzes real progress.

We specialize in implementing real-world AI integrations, helping your organization not just adapt but thrive.

Together, let’s create your innovation success story.

  • Tom Garlick

    Tom Garlick

    Sr. Engineering Director / Solution Architect

    Tom has established himself as a leader in designing transformative software solutions. As a Senior Engineering Director and Solution Architect, he has guided technical teams and crafted strategic product roadmaps across various sectors. Tom's expertise spans a diverse range of SaaS-based services, including retrieval augmented generation (RAG) apps, blockchain-based traceability solutions, and FinTech procurement and payment systems.

    During his tenure at Ernst & Young (EY), as part of Technology Consulting's Blockchain Practice, Tom led high-impact engineering projects and served as the principal technical lead for substantial teams implementing SaaS solutions. Before his time at EY, Tom held the position of VP of Engineering at Direct Commerce, a leading FinTech company. There, he was instrumental in overseeing product design, build, and implementation, while also setting strategic technical directions that spurred engineering and company growth. 

    • https://www.linkedin.com/in/tomgarlick/
  • Vladimir Dubrovsky

    Vladimir Dubrovsky

    Sr. Program Manager / Product Manager

    Vladimir is a seasoned senior program manager known for driving high-impact projects for enterprise-level clients. His career is marked by a commitment to customer satisfaction and the successful deployment of cutting-edge software solutions.

    Vladimir's leadership in digital transformation is distinguished by his ability to foster collaborative teams and employ agile methodologies, ensuring exceptional outcomes across various sectors. His expertise extends to developing SaaS platforms, enhancing e-commerce experiences, and building trusted digital environments.

    Throughout his tenure at Direct Commerce, as well as previous positions at Genesys and Walmart, Vladimir has led diverse teams to develop products that not only streamline operations but also enhance customer satisfaction and drive business growth.

    • https://www.linkedin.com/in/vladimirdubrovsky/